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Insurance Inspection Melbourne FL

We do Wind Mitigation InspectionsFour Point Inspections and Roof Certifications.

Most home owners in Florida will need some type of insurance inspection, while we are happy to give advice here it is always prudent to ask your insurance agent.  Most homes will benefit from a Wind Mitigation Report(Office of Insurance Regulation 1802 form).  There is nine sections on the form where you can receive discounts on your insurance premiums.

It is rare that the report would not save money on the wind premium.  The four point inspection is required to obtain insurance usually based on age.  Most homes thirty years or older will have to have one done.  Some insurance companies will require it when a home is a few as ten years old or has been vacant. During the four point inspection the inspector will look at the roof, electrical system, plumbing system and air conditioning system including heat.

As licensed Home Inspectors and builder we are authorized to fulfill your insurance inspection Melbourne FL needs, from single family residences to multi-building inspections.  We have a team that can get to your inspection quickly or come together for larger projects.  The owner’s have written several insurance inspection classes and have taught the process to thousands of inspectors.  As contractors we have been doing insurance inspections for more than 10 years.

Call us or email us anytime. We are happy answering questions, even if we didn’t do your inspection.

Wind Mitigation In Detail

Items the inspector will look at:

  • Roof covering and Date of installation
  • Roof deck attachment – nails, screws, or staples along with the size and spacing
  • Roof to wall attachment- nails, clips, or straps
  • Roof shape and gable end bracing
  • Wall construction types- usually frame or block
  • Secondary water barriers- self adhering polymer modified bitumen or foam
  • Opening protection- impact tested and approved products, not wind-resistant or pressure tested.

Four-Point In Detail

A four point inspection is usually requested by your insurance company when starting a new homeowner’s policy. The house is usually older, some companies require it as new as twenty years and some as old as fifty years. The four points they want to look at are roof, electrical, plumbing and heating/air conditioning. This is a limited visual inspection of components the insurance company my find unsafe or problematic.

It is important to remember that this is a limited visual inspection and does not replace an home inspection, such as for a purchase or sale (listing inspection).

Roof Certification In Detail

This type of inspection is used for insurance companies that want to look into the condition of an older roof. Typically, they look for a roof life older than three years and want any roof damage fixed, before they insure.

Being a licensed residential contractor we are authorized to fill out the Citizens Roof Certification Form!