Mosquito Treatments

Super Effective, Pet & Human Safe, Mosquito Treatment

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In2Care Mosquito Treatment Video

How does it work?

This product attracts female mosquitoes to lay their larve inside the water. Once visited, the female and her larve are infected by a special fungicide which kills the larve, but allows the mosquito to live for about 10 days.  The female then disseminates the fungicide to every subsequent body of water she visits infecting each body of water and the larvae it contains before she dies. Through this process, every body of water (not including pools) around your home becomes “mosquito proof” which eliminates the mosquito population around your home.

How safe is In2Care?

Approved by the EPA and The World Health Organization, this system is safe for Bees, Butterflies, Pets and Humans! No more fogging or chemicals that can pose harm to us, our pets, or the environment.

What is the process?

Traps are placed and our special fungicide is added. Each month we will inspect the traps and replenish them with the fungicide. A typical 1/4 acre lot uses 2 traps.

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