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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections in Melbourne, FL

What Is A Termite Inspection?

Also known as a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection, the termite inspection is an inspection for wood-destroying organisms (termites, wood-boring beetles, wood decay fungi, etc) or evidence of wood-destroying organisms (frass, galleries, mud-tubes) in your home. Depending on where you are in the State, different species can target your precious investment. In Brevard County, we see a combination of Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites and the most destructive of all Formosan Termites. Termites can be found on all types of structures including block homes.

Who Needs This Inspection?

We recommend every potential buyer obtain a termite inspection if the property is more than 5 years old. Honor Services in Melbourne, FL performs these inspections. Buyers who are obtaining VA financing are required to have a clear WDO (Termite) inspection. This inspection MUST be reimbursed to you by the seller.

Common Findings

It is common in Florida homes to find wood decay fungi, which is basically wood rot from consistent water damage. Evidence of termites is also common in Florida homes, but this does not mean there are active termites in the home.

About Our WDO Inspections

During a termite inspection, we inspect your potential investment with various tools and methods including crawling inaccessible crawl and/or attic spaces, tapping on soffits, examining areas of the home looking for frass, wings, or any sign of compromised wood.

How Is The WDO Report Filled?

It is completed on Florida Form 13645. The NPMA form is not approved for use in the State of Florida.

Damage Caused By Termites

The damage caused by termites can easily add up to $3000.00 to $5000.00 in damage before they are even noticed and the costs to repair this damage are not covered by Homeowners insurance.

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The Honor Services team arrived on time. They performed a very thorough inspection that exceeded our expectations. They provided a detailed inspection report the same day and called me to walk me through it to ensure I had no questions. We would highly recommend Honor Services!

Jeff Mullins

Honor inspections keeps the client and realtors on both sides informed with their automated systems so it makes scheduling a breeze. The reports typically come back same day as the inspection so in a short inspection period market, time is of the essence. They ensure only respected parties have access to the inspection reports and provide great recommendations on obtaining insurance reports for discounts.

Bryan Yancey

The two gentlemen, Mike and Chris, were great to work with. They gave the house a thorough inspection and gave us lots of information about the house. They were so patient with all our questions. We feel very comfortable that we have a good handle on what we are going into. And they were so accommodating - we were from out of town and ready to get home and they came and helped us out on short notice. Thanks, guys!!

Karen Agee

My first impression with the Honor Services team was stellar as the team arrived on location at the scheduled time, and demonstrated professionalism through appearance and communication. They quickly set to the task at hand and were more than happy to discuss my concerns during the inspection and final on-sight review of their findings. Highly recommend.

Ralph Quick
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