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4 Point Inspection Melbourne FL

The Best 4 Point Inspection Melbourne FL Services

About Our Four Point Inspection Melbourne, FL Services

A four point inspection is a Florida insurance required inspection that covers the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Four point inspections are typically required on homes older than 20 years but can be as soon as 5 years depending on the insurance carrier. See what Honor Services inspects below.



Roof type, damage, repairs, and estimated life.


Panel type, wiring, safety issues, and more.


Water heater age & brand, plumbing type, leaks, and more.


HVAC age & brand, operation, damage, and more.

Common Questions About Our 4 Point Inspection Melbourne, FL Services

Can A Four Point Inspection Replace A Home Inspection?

No. A four point inspection is an inspection for insurance companies only. The report only includes information specific to what they are requesting. Using a four point inspection for a home inspection can be detrimental to your buying process and negotiations since a four point inspection does not cover all that a home inspection does.

When Do I Need A Four Point Inspection?

Generally, a four point inspection is needed when a new policy is written and a home is 20 years or older, however, a four point could be required sooner. It is important to speak with your insurance agent to see if they are requesting a four point inspection.

Can A Four Point Inspection Stop Me From Qualifying For Home Insurance?

Yes. Depending on the underwriters’ requirements and your home’s condition, you may have to have repairs completed before an insurance company will write a policy. It’s important to speak with your Realtor and insurance agent about what needs to be addressed in a timely manner when you are purchasing a home.

How Much Does A Four Point Inspection Cost?

The four point inspection cost can vary depending on the inspection company. However, generally, the inspection costs anywhere from $85 to $250.

"Absolutely top notch home inspection service. John and his team of 2 other professionals attacked our property top to bottom inside and out. Appreciate their thoroughness, and they explain all of their findings on the spot and then send a comprehensive report with all your insurance mitigations along with pictures to make it easy to go back to the seller for items you like to have remedied prior to your purchase. 2 thumbs up with an absolute recommend for Honor Services."

Bob Seitz

"We were very happy with Honor Services. They are extremely thorough, professional, and have great attention to detail. They sent 3 team members to perform our inspection and each one reviewed their reports in detail with my wife after the inspections were complete. We highly recommend them!"

Bryon Stark

"I had Honor perform a home inspection recently. They sent three men out to perform a very thorough inspection of the property. They each presented their finding at the end of the inspection and within a few hours I received a very detailed (30+page) report. I would recommend Honor for inspections and would hire them again."

Derek Strong

"I am very pleased with my results from Honor Services. Both men who came to perform the inspection were excellent. Hardworking folks who really went to extra mile to check our new home with extreme care. Found anything that I needed to know about to move forward with the purchase of our new home! Thank you for your great knowledge and excellent report!"

Marcy Sedlacko
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