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What Are Love Bugs?

Love bugs are simply a species of fly that has zero purposes other than creating havoc on your car and outdoor fun. They do not bite, sting, or destroy crops. They simply show up and get stuck to your windshield, headlights, and front end of your car, as they fly around mating. Additionally, be sure to immediately scrub and remove any lovebugs from the surfaces of your car. Their guts are very acidic and will eat away at the paint of your car. Here are some facts about lovebugs:

  • Adults only live 3-5 days and can lay upwards to 350 eggs.
  • They are attracted to warm, humid areas with decaying vegetation and moderate moisture to lay eggs.
  • They lack jaws and grasping legs required to be a predator to mosquitoes.
  • Lovebugs are weak fliers especially in strong gusts.
  • They are relatively inactive at night, remaining on a host plant for rest.
Lovebug Season
Love Bug Season

When is Love Bug Season?

Love bugs typically populate the southeast region of the United States. They spend the majority of their life cycle in the larva stage (120 days during summer and 240 days during winter) prior to emerging in their flying adult state allowing for two love bug seasons per year around April/May and August/September.

What Can I Do About Them?

  • Try directing a portable standing fan to point out your doorway entry to prevent the love bugs from flying into the home.
  • Try removing decaying vegetation from garden/lawn areas as much as possible to avoid providing a preferable nesting site.
  • Be sure to clean bug remains from vehicle or outdoor surfaces within 24 hours for easiest removal prior to baking in the sun.
  • Try not to leave your vehicle running near your home since love bugs are attracted to these chemical fume emissions which mimic decaying vegetation.
  • Screening in your pool or back porch may limit them from baking onto your deck.

If you are new to Florida or just visiting, always remember that the lovebug season is typically summer. They love the heat and the humidity. Once the summer has approached the fall and temperatures have cooled down a bit, the lovebugs will disappear. Also, it is important to note that when lovebugs disappear Florida is halfway through the hurricane season. Consequently, try to use that as a positive and remember that lovebugs are not destroyers, but rather a simple nuisance.

To learn more about love bugs, and what to do about them, read our blog post.

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