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Does LED light attract spiders? Pest control
July 11, 2024

Do LED Lights Attract Spiders?

LED lights are a kind of modern marvel, lighting up our homes with a blend of efficiency and style. They save energy, last longer, and come in various hues to…
Does Diatomaceous Earth kill ants? Pest control
July 3, 2024

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Ants?

Controlling ant infestations with natural methods like diatomaceous earth has become an increasingly popular topic for anyone seeking to build a solid preventative routine for their home. But does diatomaceous…
Why does my dryer keep stoppping?Home Maintenance
June 27, 2024

Why Does My Dryer Keep Stopping?

A dryer that repeatedly stops mid-cycle can be frustrating and confusing – it disrupts your laundry routine, leaving you with damp clothes and wasted time. In this guide, we'll explore…

"Honor Services did my Home Inspection on my new construction home, the inspectors were very professional and thorough! They answered all my questions and at the end they went over the inspection and pointed out all their findings, later that evening I received a detailed report complete with pictures. I definitely recommend."

Jeff Akin

"Have had many home inspections over the years buying and selling houses, and these guys are by far the absolute most thorough and professional team I've ever dealt with. I recommend to anyone Honor. They are fantastic."

John DeNorscia

"We recently used Honor Services to inspect our existing home for its 12 month warranty and also to inspect an existing home we were considering to buy. Both times, they were great! They arrived on time, were very professional and conducted the inspection with great attention to detail. They sent us their report the same day which included photos and a description that was easy to understand for the homeowner. They were recommended by our real estate agent, Todd Ostrander, ReMax Elite."

Donna Braunlich

"Buying a preexisting property is stressful. Honor Services really helped us feel at ease with the property we chose. While they did an extremely thorough job and did find several things that need repairs, they also helped explain that a lot of these things are minor and in no way will affect the value or structural integrity of the home. Glad we used these guys Jeff and Jim were very informative and professional."

Jim Hockett
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