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Save on Insurance by doing a Wind Mitigation Inspection

As a homeowner with windstorm insurance, Florida law entitles you to premium reductions for certain building features that reduce damage during high wind events.

These discounts are justified because stronger, more wind-resistant structures have fewer windstorm-related losses, which mean reduced costs to insurance companies.

Most existing homes have one or more construction features that will qualify for windstorm insurance premium discounts.

According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, the average homeowner will save 22-45% with a properly completed Wind Mitigation inspection.

Items the inspector will look at:

  • checkRoof covering and Date of installation.
  • checkRoof deck attachment – nails, screws, or staples along with the size and spacing
  • checkRoof to wall attachment- nails, clips, or straps
  • checkRoof shape and gable end bracing
  • checkWall construction types- usually frame or block
  • checkSecondary water barriers- self adhering polymer modified bitumen or foam
  • checkOpening protection- impact tested and approved products, not wind-resistant or pressure tested

The following features qualify for a Windstorm Mitigation insurance discount:


Roof Coverings

Roof coverings that meet the 2001 Florida Building Code requirements


Newly Constructed Homes

Newly constructed homes that meet the 2001 Florida Building Code requirements


Roof Sheathing

Roof sheathing (plywood) that have been installed with large, closely spaced nails



Hip (pyramid) shaped roof structure

We are licensed by the State of Florida to perform these inspections and certify a report which documents the mitigations features present in your home. Your insurance carrier will then discount your windstorm policy, as required by Florida law.