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What Is A Termite Inspection?

Also known as a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection, the termite inspection is an inspection for wood-destroying organisms (termites, wood-boring beetles, wood decay fungi, etc) or evidence of wood-destroying organisms (frass, galleries, mud-tubes) in your home.

Who Needs This Inspection?

Home buyers should always have a termite inspection on the home they are looking to purchase. Homeowners should consider a pest control plan that includes yearly termite inspections. VA loan receipients will be required to have a clean WDO report.

Common Findings

It is common in Florida homes to find wood decay fungi, which is basically wood rot from consistent water damage. Evidence of termites is also common in Florida homes, but this does not mean there are active termites in the home.

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"Honor Services performed a home inspection on my potential new home as well as a scope of the plumbing. They were thorough and professional. I felt that I had all the information I needed to proceed with the purchase. They called and went over things with me and the report I received was very detailed. I highly recommend Honor Services."

Catherine Lett

"This company is so thorough. They were accommodating, communicated very well and quick getting us the reports. They pointed out things in our unit and common grounds post construction that we wouldn't have noticed ourselves. They also have equipment we wouldn't have had. We highly recommend this company."

Teresa M

"Our lead inspector Jeffrey Prescott was very friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He took time to answer any questions about main concerns we had with the home. He was extremely detailed in explaining everything on the report that was an issue. There was another younger guy with him and he was very professional and detail oriented as well. I highly recommend this company for a home inspection. The report is extremely detailed, not difficult to read and has extensive pictures to provide the homeowner with. Thanks Honor Services for a fantastic job!!"

Shelby Kalin

"We recently used Honor Services to inspect our existing home for its 12 month warranty and also to inspect an existing home we were considering to buy. Both times, they were great! They arrived on time, were very professional and conducted the inspection with great attention to detail. They sent us their report the same day which included photos and a description that was easy to understand for the homeowner. They were recommended by our real estate agent, Todd Ostrander, ReMax Elite."

Donna Braunlich
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