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When Should You Get A New Roof

Having a new roof put on is a big expense and there are many different types of roofs to consider as well, such as: shingle, tile, metal, or even concrete. This post will strictly cover WHEN you should get a new roof, but after you find your answer be sure to click here for our post on what type of roof you should purchase! Also, at the end of this post, I will give you a quick reference sheet for roof life expectancy.

From an inspector (unbiased) point of view, I like to look at a few main points to find out if you need a new roof. They are:

  1. Is the age or roof damage affecting your homeowners’ insurance?
  2. Do you have roof leaks? (Note: plural)
  3. Have you had two different professional opinions on your roof’s life expectancy?

We like to get as many years as we can out of a roof, so if the roof can last another year, why not go for it, right?

Tackling the first question, there are certain cases where an insurance company will request an inspection on your roof. In Florida, they typically like to see at least THREE years left of roof life and no active leaks for them to insure. The reason being is to prevent liability if a hurricane were to hit or a possible claim on insurance due to roof leaks. Therefore, if you cannot receive insurance, you need a new roof.

Secondly, do you have roof leaks? One roof leak is not a big issue as a roofer can repair and you can move on. However, if you seem to have several roof leaks it is a sign that your roof covering is worn out. Moreover, the expense of multiple repairs is a bit larger considering you might even have several new ones arise. Ultimately, if your roof has multiple leaks and is near the end of its expected life, then it is time to pay for a new roof.

Lastly, we always recommend you receive multiple opinions about your roof even from inspectors! It is just like going to the doctors and then picking the treatment that seems most reasonable to you. Keep in mind, if you have a roofer come out to inspect your roof, their interest can be in selling a new roof. Due to this, we always recommend an inspector help you decide on roof replacement with estimates of repairs versus replacement.

According to the InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNachi):

Shingles (Three-tab): 10-12 years

***Honor sees them last about 14 years on average, but 10 years is a good mark for you to be on the look out.***

Shingles (Architectural): 15-20 years

***Honor sees the average being 17 years***

Tile: 80 years

***Tile roofs can vary as they depend on the underlayment and installation. Tiles themselves can last 80 years, but regular maintenance should be completed.***

Metal: 20 years

***Honor sees Metal roofing lasting longer if you keep up with regular maintenance, but is not recommended near salt water and may not be covered by warranty.***

Modified Bitumen: 10 years

***In our area, the average age is 12-15 years. This type can be coated every couple years to extend the life, but you should note this can sometimes void the warranty, cause problems for insurance, or other issues.***


The above are estimates ONLY! They can greatly be affected by your location in reference to the beach, hurricane season, and the manufacturer. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance!

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Termites in the attic found during a home inspection while doing a termite inspection or WDO inspection

Picture of a roof structure with termite damage
Termite damage in an attic

We hear many people say that termite inspections and treatments are not needed on concrete block homes, which is simply not true.   The above image came from the attic of an all block home.  This termite damage was found during a home inspection.   This can be caused by subterranean termites that entered from either non-visible location or while the trusses were sitting on the ground during the construction process.  Six invasive termite species are established in Florida including the Formosan subterranean termite, the Asian subterranean termite and the West Indian drywood termite all are a concern for residents and the pest-control industry because they cause structural damage.  Much or the damage can go unnoticed for years cause much damage.


It is important to have your home inspected regularly in Florida and we recommend treating all homes every five to ten years.   We can inspect for termites during a home inspection or as a single service.   It is important you treat if you are doing any work on the home including landscaping next to the home, it can destroy any termite barrier that was present.  We are happy to inspect or treat for you.  For more information click here   or contact us at:

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Internet and the Real Estate market

Achieving measurable results

I love reading articles about buying and selling homes, it gives me an insight to what others are seeing about homes. It helps me understand what some of our clients thoughts through the process, and what they might expect. These short articles don’t always give a fair picture of the situation (like this one).

To categorize agents or inspectors in one group is wrong and dangerous. While reading the articles we can certainly agree with some of the generalizations but others are very deceiving. For example I have never heard a Realtor tell a client if a wall is load bearing or not. Most Realtors(in my experience) want you to have the facts and will tell you to have the information verified. I think with the internet and lawsuits getting a Realtor make comments about the demographics of neighborhood is unlikely, you should do your own research.

Figuring the cost of anything about remodeling your home can drastically vary, most agents will not comment on it. Some will give you an idea, after all they have had many clients do what you want to do. There are still some agents that have experience with remodeling and can give really accurate estimates.

With For-sale-buy-owner it can get messy, I have seen it personally. The best part about an agent, they are there to negotiate for you and keep you and the other parties informed. Buying/selling a home can be very emotional, doing it on your own without experience is an emotional roller coaster, which can leave you with doubt or regrets for years.

When hiring a Realtor or inspector it is best to do research as well as when buying or selling a home. A professional will not only be helpful and make it less stressful but will help you get the most out of the deal. Not everything on the internet is accurate

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