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Why a free termite inspection is a scam

By January 27, 2019April 13th, 2024Pest control

Free termite inspection. Sounds nice right? Sure, until they find termites and charge you an arm and a leg to treat the home.

It’s simple business math, let’s break it down real quick shall we?
A free inspection means they have to mark up prices or volume elsewhere in order to meet the company margin. Therefore, they can increase termite treatment cost, but not only that, they can just find more treatments as well. In other areas, they may pay for cheaper employment and/or education/re-licensing classes.
One big surprise we found was some termite companies pay their employees a commission based on if they find termites. At first, it appears to be okay, but it opens conflicts of interest when a supposed non-biased inspector should be trying to help you. The commission-based inspector can AND WILL upsell you on a treatment EASILY when he/she finds evidence of wood-destroying insects or “plants” termite evidence (yes, this has happened).
Here’s how….Fact: termites scare homeowners. Fact: people buy based on emotion. Fact: some companies pay their inspectors per termite finding. And fact: said termite inspectors somehow end up finding more damage to upsell you based on your emotions! (Amazing!!!)
So what does this mean? Well, the free or cheap inspection you paid for was a gimmick. It means they used this as a sales tactic to get you to use their service, then try to find termites, to then pay their cheap labor to cost you more than needed to treat the home in extreme measures. Not to mention, your inspector probably smelled like cheese and looked like he just crawled out of the sewers.
As a company that is in this industry, we see it time and time again, sadly. Do we join their sales tactics in order to get more business and make more money for the “elite owners”, or do we stand for what is Honorable? You take a guess (hint read our name).
If there is one thing to remember here, remember this: if you pay for a cheap service, you will pay more in other areas.

“Honorable service for you and your home.” We stand by it 100% from the rose smelling inspectors, to the perfected price point. This industry is based on numbers, not people. Honor Services is here to change that. Contact us here.


Michelle Shishilla

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