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Home Inspection Melbourne FL

Home Inspections are not standard or the same across the board. Honor Services takes an innovated, thorough approach to the inspection. Before we talk about what is covered, this is what makes Honor home inspectors unique compared to other companies.

  1. A team-approached home inspection
    1. This means you will have two inspectors (minimum) looking at your home. Not only is this process more efficient, but is also a more thorough inspection. Two minds are greater than one!
  2. The highest-rated and most experienced
    1. It’s not an opinion. It is fact. See our reviews compared to our competitors here.
  3. Highest Educated & We teach our industry.
    1. Our company is licensed for the following:
      1. Licensed Residential Contractor
      2. Licensed Home Inspector
      3. Licensed Mold Assessor
      4. Licensed Pest Control Operator
      5. Certified Master Inspector – backed by the InterNational Association of Home Inspectors.
      6. Master Professional Inspector – backed by the Florida Association of Building Inspectors
      7. Registered Professional Inspector – backed by the Florida Association of Building Inspectors
    2. We have taught AT NATIONAL CONFERENCES on how to do a home inspection, wind mitigation, four-point, and more.

There’s more… but we don’t want to brag too much 😉

So what makes up our home inspection? Here is what is covered. 🙂

Our home inspections include: the structure, electrical system, HVAC system, roof covering, plumbing system, interior components and exterior components. A Visual Inspection for Mold, Moisture and Water Intrusion and Infrared Thermography are also included. If the home has a pool it is included at no additional charge.  Our pool inspections include lights, cleaners, heaters, solar, electrical and plumbing connections, the pool deck and the surface of the pool.

The Infrared photos are included in the final written report.  Our reports contain many photographs of both defects and cosmetic issues.  However, only the items in the inspectors opinion which garnered more attention or are a safety hazard are highlighted red and present in the summary section at the end of the report.

Last item… a home inspection is a limited visual inspection. When buying a home it is recommended to purchase other inspections depending on the age and type of home.

Here is what you should look into:

Insurance Inspections – Required to receive homeowners insurance. See information here.

Termite Inspections – Don’t regret it and pay later for your home to be tented. Even block homes need to be inspected. See information here.

Pool Leak Detection – Buying a home with a pool? Make sure it does not have an expensive leak. Read more here.

Sewer Scope Inspections – Is your home older and with possible cast iron drain lines? Read more about it here.

Mold Testing – Has the home been sitting vacant or lacks regular home maintenance? Leaks and moisture cause mold. Read more about it here

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