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How To Clean An Outside AC Unit?

By March 7, 2023March 24th, 2023Home Maintenance
Cleaning the coils of the outdoor ac unit.

Owning a home requires a lot of maintenance responsibilities. You have to maintain your plumbing system, roofing system, and electrical system. There are so many working parts to all of those systems, that it could be a full-time job. Additionally, maintaining your air conditioning unit is important during the hotter months of the year. Make sure that you change the air filter and clean the ac unit as the manufacturer requires. It is important to know how to clean the outside AC unit. Depending on the size of the unit and what the manufacturer recommends determine how you clean it.

Let’s take a look below at what’s involved.

What Tools Do I Need?

Every project that happens around or in the house requires tools or equipment. If you want to be successful with the completion of the project you will need the following items.

Cleaning a dirty outdoor ac unit is not the most exciting thing to do.

What Is The Best Process?

When it comes to various projects around the house there are instructions for how to complete the project. Let’s take a look below at what cleaning the outdoor ac unit entails.

  1. Turn off the thermostat – This unit is inside the home and turning it off ensures the unit stays off.
  2. Locate the electrical disconnect – this unit is a metal box that is located on the outside wall of your home, near the exterior ac unit.
  3. Open the disconnect box – Open the flap to the electrical disconnect and flip the switch inside to the off position.
  4. Remove dirt and debris – After you have put gloves on, begin to remove leaves and debris from the unit.
  5. Vacuum – Use your vacuum to gently vacuum the condenser fins. Be careful with the soft brush attachment so that you don’t bend the condenser fins.
  6. Use the hose – Take your hose and spray the outside unit to get any remaining debris out of and off of the unit.
  7. Use the condenser coil cleaner – Spray the outside unit with the cleaner coil and wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to soak in and bond with the dirt.
  8. Rinse the coils – Take your hose and spray down the coils, rinsing the cleaner off with the dirt going with it.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know how to clean the outside ac unit, you will want to learn other maintenance tips for your ac. For example, if you happen to get mold on your air conditioner, knowing how to clean it is a good thing. No homeowner wants to have excessive mold in their home.

Next, it might be a good time to study up on what your ac unit does for your home. For example, does your AC unit dehumidify your home? The answer is yes! It can help remove moisture from your home by balancing the temperatures inside the home with the outside of the home.

Lastly, if you ever experience a leaking ac unit, there are some easy fixes. In most cases, it is the result of a clogged line. However, read up on all of the possibilities just to be sure.

New and clean looking outside ac unit.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Dealing with the ac unit is not the most exciting maintenance a homeowner will conduct. Additionally, aside from changing the air handler filter, it is recommended that you call a professional for all other ac unit services. When it comes to cleaning the outside ac unit, you want to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. Reach out to your local home inspection team for a full HVAC inspection during your home inspection. Also, they can refer you to a reputable professional AC unit company.


When it comes to AC units, they are a necessity for surviving the extreme heat in Florida. Keeping your home cool is essential for enjoying the amenities in your home, as well as keeping out mold. If you aren’t comfortable with cleaning your outside ac unit, call on your local professional air conditioning company. Also, reach out to Honor Services for a full home Inspection In Brevard County, FL.

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