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Rodent Exclusion Cocoa Beach FL

The Best Rodent Exclusion Cocoa Beach, FL Services

Rodents are worrisome and a common frustration here in Cocoa Beach.
Honors’ Pest Professionals can help!

We perform an inspection of your home to determine all of the access points and any conducive conditions that are encouraging the rodents to visit your home. Schedule the best rodent exclusion Cocoa Beach, FL services with us today!


After the inspection, we provide a proposal of services to include any exclusion work necessary in addition to suggestions on how you may help the efficacy of our work such as removing potential targets such as dog food in a garage or trimming back the trees from your home. Contact us to learn more about our rodent exclusion Cocoa Beach, FL services.

How It Works

After exclusion work has been completed we will set traps and follow up every other day to check them and to remove any dead rodents. This process can be short or it can take several weeks. Especially if you have a particularly crafty rodent that knows what the traps are. Rats are smart and will avoid the traps if they are familiar with them.

Did You Know

Interesting Facts

A Mouse only needs ¼ inch wiggle room to make its way into a space! A rat only needs ½ inch of space to gain access to an opening!

The most common place we will find rodents is in the attic of your home. It is warm, dark and a safe abode from predators like raccoons.

If you have a tile roof, missing soffit, or tall trees around or touching your home, you can almost guarantee that you will have a rodent problem at some point or another.

Once rodents gain access to your home they will wreak all kinds of havoc by urinating on the insulation, gnawing on the wires, and multiplying rapidly to the tune of a dozen babies every three to four weeks! Oh My!

Dead Rodent
Your Options For Treatment

Choose Us For The Best Rodent Exclusion Cocoa Beach, FL Services

The image to the left showcases small opening rodents could enter to get into your attic.

You can trust the professionals at Honor Services to be responsive and creative as necessary to rid your home of these disease-carrying pests. Give us a call or email our PestPros@HonorServices to schedule your inspection and quote for services.

About Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach, situated in Brevard County, Florida, is a dynamic coastal city with a population of 11,539 as of the 2018 United States Census. It forms an integral part of the Palm Bay–Melbourne–Titusville, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. This charming city is celebrated for its pristine sandy beaches and a laid-back, surf-town vibe that permeates the community. Beyond its coastal allure, Cocoa Beach holds a special place in the world of space exploration, with its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center. This unique blend of natural beauty and scientific history makes Cocoa Beach a captivating destination, attracting beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and those curious about the mysteries of the cosmos to its sun-soaked shores. If you need rodent exclusion Cocoa Beach FL services, contact us today!

We cover all of Brevard County including: 

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Don't see a package that suits your needs? Contact us to customize your own!

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*Some household pests may require additional treatments and fees

Outstanding service from initial phone call to completed report. Very thorough inspection. Very professional and gave is confidence in their feedback

Elizabeth Keller

Keith Grayson is our rep at Honor Pest Services. He is always prompt and has resolved all bug issues we have experienced in a timely manner. He is a pleasant young man.

Sandra Zazula

This Company is on time, communicative, professional. Jacob is a pleasure. He informs on any issues immediately and has a plan to correct situation. The prices are very fair. Highly recommend this company.

Tom Frey

The Honor Services team arrived on time. They performed a very thorough inspection that exceeded our expectations. They provided a detailed inspection report the same day and called me to walk me through it to ensure I had no questions. We would highly recommend Honor Services!

Jeff Mullins
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