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Termite inspection (Wood destroying organisms)

By August 9, 2017August 17th, 2021Pest control

Termite inspections

We do many termite inspections, more than most companies in the area. We also do home inspections where another company is hired to the termite inspection and we get to see how they do it.

Over the years we have seen pest inspectors that do not like to do everything necessary to do the best inspection possible. One company told us that they do not want to upset the Realtor so they skip some crucial aspects of the inspection. Their true purpose of the inspection it to meet the client and sell services. This might include services that they may not need. Some of these inspectors are paid on commission.

They may not look for evidence of Drywood termites by tapping soffits, they will not move anything including mulch on the home. These are termite hot spots and need to be checked carefully. We have also had termite inspectors tell us that it is too hot to go in the attic. It is important that you choose your inspection company carefully. Please feel free to contact us for help even if we don’t

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