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Termites in the attic found during a home inspection while doing a termite inspection or WDO inspection

By April 22, 2018April 13th, 2024Home Inspections, Pest control

We hear many people say that termite inspections and treatments are not needed on concrete block homes, which is simply not true.   The above image came from the attic of an all block home.  This termite damage was found during a home inspection.   This can be caused by subterranean termites that entered from either non-visible location or while the trusses were sitting on the ground during the construction process.  Six invasive termite species are established in Florida including the Formosan subterranean termite, the Asian subterranean termite and the West Indian drywood termite all are a concern for residents and the pest-control industry because they cause structural damage.  Much or the damage can go unnoticed for years cause much damage.


It is important to have your home inspected regularly in Florida and we recommend treating all homes every five to ten years.   We can inspect for termites during a home inspection or as a single service.   It is important you treat if you are doing any work on the home including landscaping next to the home, it can destroy any termite barrier that was present.  We are happy to inspect or treat for you.  For more information click here   or contact us at:

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