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Termites, To Treat or Not to Treat

By December 28, 2019August 17th, 2021Pest control

As the top inspection company in Brevard County, we do more termite inspections than anyone else in the area. Termite inspections are done usually at the sale of a home, yearly or more when under a termite bond, and at the request of a homeowner. Our inspectors are trained at the University of Florida, Pest Management University on the latest techniques and learn time tested processes for finding evidence of termites. Evidence can be found in many ways including galleries, exit holes, frass, wings, mud tubes and of course, termites. For most inspections, there are limitations to what can be seen or inspected. Sometimes the owner’s belongings will be blocking access and we just might not fit in an area of the crawlspace or attic. We use knowledge of conducive conditions and sounding wood with other techniques to find the evidence. Once we find the evidence we report it and make recommendations. Depending on the type of termites there are several treatment options. Treatments can include fumigation, local treatments of an area, chemical barriers and baits. The question usually comes up, should we treat? The answer is not always simple but unless there has been a recent treatment then a preventative treatment is advised. Termites can go unnoticed even with a great experienced inspector so preventative treatments can make sense. We do offer chemical treatments but only when necessary. In many occasions, we recommend Sentricon® bait stations for Termite Colony Elimination. This works without pouring chemicals around your home and comes with a bond for years.

Michelle Shishilla

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