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What Sign Is Most Likely To Indicate A Pest Infestation

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Let’s say that you are out looking to purchase a home or rent a commercial space for your business. You want to make sure the building or home is in the area you want to be, has everything you need, and is a place you want to be in for a long time.

However, you also want to make sure there are no pest infestations. Have you ever stopped to think about what sign is most likely to indicate a pest infestation? There are a few such as identifying pest droppings, seeing anthills in your yard, noticing plant damage on the surrounding vegetation, or even nesting signs.

Let’s take a look in more depth at those signs of infestation and how to ensure they do not occur.

Example sign of rodent infestation
Example sign of a rodent infestation

Where to Look For Pests

No matter if you are in a commercial setting or a residential setting there are places that you can start looking to see if there are pests. These are the attic, crawl spaces, tight spaces, and under cabinets.

Sign Indicate A Pest Infestation In A Commercial Setting

The commercial setting is a little bit different than a residential setting. However, the issues of a potential infestation are the same and equally costly. It is always best to be proactive when dealing with the potential for an infestation in a commercial environment. Hiring a professional right away is highly recommended so you avoid being shut down by the health department.

Some areas to look at to determine if you have an infestation in your commercial building very much relate to the signs you will see for a residential building. Pest droppings, damage to structures, damage to plants, nesting, and grease marks and grease tracks are all areas of concern within the commercial setting.


You will begin to notice insulation has moved from the wall and possibly showing on your commercial building flooring. You might also see leaves and grass or sticks appearing as the rodents use these items for bedding and warmth.

Grease Tracks or Marks

As rodents travel around your establishment they will pick up grease or other materials on their feet and tend to make a trail of where they have been and where they are going.

Pest Droppings

Mice and rats leave a clean trail of droppings and are visible. However, other insect droppings are not as visible, so a thorough inspection by a professional is highly recommended.

Damage to Plants

Damage to plants is also a sign indicate a pest infestation. Similar to damage to plants for a residential home, the same factors are important to investigate for a commercial establishment. Making sure the insects aren’t swarming your plants and getting into your building via cracks and crevices or even the piping system is important. Preventative maintenance is key.

Damage to Structures

These can be seen by sagging ceilings, wall cracking, chewing on the support beams, and more. If you see any of this, it is important to have a professional check it out right away. This is because the safety of your family can be an issue.

Ant infestation in a home or commercial building
Ant Infestation

Indoor Pest Infestations

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can determine that you have an indoor pest infestation:

  • You have active pests in your home and they require your immediate attention.
  • There are dead bugs in your home, that normally should not be present.
  • You notice pest droppings in various locations of your home.
  • There is clear evidence of nesting in your home from various rodents.
  • Holes and gnaw marks have appeared on your floors, cabinets, or walls.
  • Complaints from neighbors regarding several rodents or other insects running amuck.
  • Clear signs of termites on your wood, in the attic, walls, or any wood parts of your home.
Ant hills near the home can be a sign of an outdoor pest infestation.

Outdoor Issues That Indicate a Pest Infestation

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can determine if you have an outdoor pest infestation:

  • Clear signs of damage to your plants and vegetation around the exterior of your home, as mentioned above.
  • A large number of anthills are starting to collect in your yard around your home.
  • The yard is feeling soft and grass and plant root systems are showing signs of destruction by moles.
  • You have a nearby breeding ground for rodents, such as a shed or other external storage unit.
  • The lawn is showing signs of damage, due to the root system being eaten up by insects and underground rodents.

A Great Way To Prevent Pest Infestations

If you are looking for the best way to control a pest infestation, the answer is simple, prevention. Preventative maintenance of your home is the best way to keep insects and rodents out of your home or place of business.

Here are two ways that you can ensure that you are successful at keep insects and rodents out.

Seal cracks in doors and windows to keep pests out.

Home or Commercial Establishment Entryways Free of Access Points

Seal all cracks in doors and windows as well as any exterior holds. For a home, garage doors are typically an area that you will want to make sure is sealed properly. For a commercial building, the front doors and any large bay doors need to be sealed.

Remove Food Sources

The other way to ensure you will not have an infestation is to remove all potential food sources for the insects or rodents. The only reason that insects or rodents will come to your home or commercial establishment is for food and shelter. If you eliminate these sources of life support, then they will not want to stick around.

Commercially speaking, keep food stored at least 6 inches off the floor, dumpster areas clean, trash disposed of regularly, and maintain a clean working environment.

Other Recommended Maintenance

While you are checking inside your home for possible insect infestations it is also a good idea that you explore the exterior of your home. Cracks in the stucco or shingles are areas where insects can access your home. Making sure that the stucco is sealed and the shingles are replaced are great ways to protect your home.

You will also want to take a look at your HVAC unit to determine if there is any water leaking from the unit. Water leakage will attract other insects as well as create a mold problem. Getting ahead of this early is a great way to prevent an infestation and any major damage to the home.

Bug bombing against infestation
Bug bomb against infestation

When Do I Call A Professional

Calling on a professional the moment that you see a possible pest infestation is key. You will not want to wait too long for this scenario to get out of hand. Also, from a commercial building perspective, you could lose a lot of money and time if your place of business closes down to handle an infestation.

From a residential perspective, no one wants to have their home wrapped up in tarps to be bug bombed so the whole neighborhood can see. Investing in pest control in both residential and commercial establishments as well as being attentive to details will save you from stress and a large investment to solve the issue.


You will want to call out a professional team as soon as you have identified an infestation. First, reach out to your local home inspection company to conduct a termite inspection as well as having them offer up their pests control services and recommendations. Honor services in Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas, can handle these inspections for you and help you keep an infestation under control before it happens.

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