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Will Bleach Kill Drain Flies?

By May 20, 2023May 23rd, 2023Plumbing

After a long day at work, you want to come home and just relax. But, of course, there is dinner that needs to be made. While your dinner is cooking for the family, you notice tiny flies in the kitchen, especially near the sink area. The first thought is that bleach kills everything. Will bleach kill drain flies? No, as bleach passes through the drain, it does not affect the eggs and larvae and can harm the pipes. There are actually better solutions that are safe for the pipes.

Bleach mixed with other chemicals is toxic and does not kill drain flies.

What Are Drain Flies?

Drain flies are tiny insects that fly and take over drains in the bathroom or kitchen. They are black or brown in color and 1/8- inch long. They have hairy bodies and wings set with veins as a pattern and are different from fruit flies, as they like septic tanks, drains, and sewage. Additionally, they also like decaying organic matter. The good news is that humans are not harmed by them. The bad news is that the female drain flies are able to lay 30-100 eggs! This means, unfortunately, it can get bad quickly.

Since the drain flies lay their eggs in the film that lines the pipes in the drain, the larvae will feed on the substance and then come out of the drain as adult flies! Unfortunately, the homeowner doesn’t know there is a problem until the flies appear in the bathroom or kitchen.

What Does Bleach Do To The Drain Pipes?

Household bleach is a dangerous chemical and even though it can kill these flies, it won’t take care of the problem. Bleach should be used as a last resort after trying some alternatives we will discuss below. Let’s take a look at the reason not to pour bleach in the drain pipes.

  1. Bleach is toxic if mixed with other substances, such as ammonia, rubbing alcohol, and vinegar. If these mix together and a human breathes them in, it can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, respiratory issues, or death.
  2. If you have a septic system and pour bleach into the drain, you can damage the system.
  3. Bleach can corrode your pipes and damage the plumbing.
  4. Since bleach flows through the drain, it doesn’t stop long enough to get through the larvae and drain fly eggs.

Now that you know why bleach isn’t a good idea, let’s talk about safer alternatives.

Alternative to bleach is water and dish soap.

Safer Alternatives To Bleach To Get Rid Of Drain Flies

  • Baking Soda, Salt, and White Vinegar – Combining 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of salt, and 1 cup of white vinegar work for a lot of issues around the home. It also works for putting in the drain to get kill drain flies. Take the concoction and pour it into the drain. Let it sit overnight and then in the morning, pour boiling water over it. These ingredients are safe for plumbing.
  • Dish soap, water, and apple cider vinegar – mix equal amounts of the water, apple cider vinegar, and a splash of dish soap and put it into the drain. Then, cover the drain with plastic wrap. Take a toothpick and put holes in it. This will attract the flies but they won’t be able to escape.
  • Spray a bottle of water and dish soap – this is a great method to spray any of the flies that escape from the drain. The flies aren’t able to fly away as the dish soap is like an insecticide.

If these don’t work, you will need to contact a professional.

Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know about drain flies, here are some other areas of maintenance. One of those is when the bathroom smells like sewage. If you find this is happening, it could be due to the shower drain, jacuzzi tub, sink, or toilet. It is important to investigate it and hope that it is not a bigger problem like the sewer system.

Another area is tree roots in the sewer line. We learned earlier that vinegar can help with drain flies, but it also can help with tree roots in the sewer line. However, a few more chemicals will need to be added as well and you may need a professional to help.

Lastly, another area in the house you might have smells or issues is the vents. If this happens, change out the air filter in the HVAC and call on professional air duct cleaning services to help. You might have mold or mildew in the walls.

When to Contact a Professional

Calling a licensed master plumber is a great idea when you aren’t sure how to get rid of flies in your drain or sink. They have the experience and can help you figure out the problem. But if you also think there are issues with your drain pipes, you may need to call your local home inspection company. Additionally, if you have other pests around, contacting a pest control company is also a good idea.


The last thing you want to see in the kitchen is flies in your sink or any pests at all. It is a good idea to make sure to keep the drains clean and an eye out for flies. If you need help figuring out how to get rid of drain flies or other pests, call on your local home inspection team. Reach out to Honor Services for a full pest Inspection In Brevard County, FL

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