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Do Stink Bugs Fly?

Stink bug on a table leg in a home.

When it comes to pest control and homeownership they go hand in hand. Without good pest control, you will likely experience some form of infestation or insect invasion in and around your home. Stink bugs are not exempt from making their way into your home. Stink bugs are notorious for traveling to places where they smell other stink bugs, as well as, attacking crops on a farm. Do stink bugs fly? Yes, adult stink bugs that are matured have developed wings that tuck away when they stop flying.

Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding stink bugs.

Stink bugs fly from plant to plant and  eat them.

What Are Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are somewhat new to North America. They were someone introduced to the United States from an Asian country and not found until 1998. Since stink bugs can travel and attract each other through a scent, they have exploded in population and have taken over almost every state. Let’s take a look below at some more details regarding stink bugs.

  • What do they look like? – They have 6 legs and a shield-shaped frame. Stink bugs have wings that are tucked over each other and rest on their backside.
  • Do they all bite? – According to research, the Brown Marmorated stink bug does not bite. However, they can bite other insects and fruit for their source of food. They have a rough-edged exoskeleton that can irritate or scratch a human’s skin.
  • Few natural predators – Only birds, reptiles, and some other insects will consume a stink bug. Unfortunately, they are not a desired food source so they are not consumed in large quantities. This allows their population to continue to grow.
  • Many scents – They can emit multiple scents to attract other stink bugs. The scent that humans can detect is vastly different from the foul odor that they send to their fellow stink bugs for hibernation. The skunk-like pheromone or cilantro scent is typically given off after the bug is crushed.
  • Hibernation – Stink bugs will hibernate in the Fall and Winter months. Once they have gained access to your home they go into hibernation mode. No reproduction or food consumption occurs during this time. It’s all about a warm sleep for them.
  • Fall concerns – Fall is the most prevalent time of a stink bug invasion. As the temperatures start to drop they seek shelter in your home. If they cannot get access to your home before the air turns cold they will die off.
  • Changes during the year – As the temperatures change in various parts of the country, the population of stink bugs also changes. They enjoy the warmer temperatures.
Stink bug on home siding

How Can I Prevent Them From Getting In?

The best way to keep stink bugs away from your home is to hire a year-long pest control service. The idea of preventing something is so that you do not have to pay more if an infestation occurs. Having a service ensures that these insects stay away. Additionally, check all seals around your doors and windows for any cracks and make repairs. Also, check for cracks in your stucco, siding, utility pipes, and even chimney if you have one. Insects can access your home through any opening.

Consequently, stink bugs are attracted to light. Keep less attractive light bulbs in your lighting system so that the bugs are not signaled to come on in. Sodium vapor lights or dim yellow bulbs are recommended for keeping sink bugs away.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pest control for eradicating stink bugs from your home can range from $150 to $400. Depending on where you live and how big the infestation is, drives the price of the pest control. Be sure to conduct your diligence inside and outside of the home to be sure that all of the bugs are removed from your area.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you understand which stink bugs can fly, it is important to also note why pest control is important. In so many places there are a variety of insects roaming around. You will want to keep them at bay or risk them taking over your home. This would seriously cripple your investment.

Next, keeping with the topic of flying insects, this might be a good time to read up on if palmetto bugs fly. If you live in the south then you are familiar with palmetto bugs. Also known as the “American Cockroach.”

Lastly, if you ever discovered a termite nest in or near your home, you were probably wondering how long they have been there. In some cases, looking at the damage to the wood is a good indication. This might be a good time to read about how long termites can live. Knowing this information allows you to have an idea of how long the infestation has occurred.

Stink bugs can fly into the home and sit on the window sill as they like the light.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Stink bugs can become a huge problem if you do not tackle their invasion quickly enough. Immediately reach out to your local professional pest control service company to ensure that any stink bugs are expunged from your home. Using a professional pest control company gives you peace of mind that all insects are kept at bay.


When it comes to stink bugs, they can be a nuisance. They emit a scent that attracts other stink bugs to join their location. In a short amount of time, you could have a stink bug infestation. They love attacking crops in the autumn months and like using your home as a place of hibernation. It is best to take care of them the moment that you notice one in or around your home. Reach out to Honor Services to assist you with some pest control recommendations while conducting a thorough pest inspection in Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas.

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