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Why Pest Control

By November 12, 2021Pest control
Pest control visual

Have you ever stopped to think about pest control on a grand scale? Do you only focus on the here, and now? Having pest control is vital to the success of our country on many levels. Pest protection in the United States provides businesses and dwellings with safety from a variety of pests and prevents the spread of disease. Why pest control? Protecting public health, your property, and crops across our farmlands are the sum of the top reasons for pest control.

Let’s take a look below at pest control practices that are essential for maintaining the health of a population from otherwise dangerous infections.

Dead roach in a home
Dead roach in a home

Top Reasons To Why You Need Pest Control

Pest control is necessary because rodents and other pests carry diseases. This directly infringes on your health and safety. Pest can also start colonies in your home and begin to take over very quickly. This causes a nuisance and unsanitary conditions to your home.

  1. Health Threats-pests such as ticks and mosquitos carry various diseases that could cause major health issues and even death. Making sure that standing water is not available for mosquitos to lay eggs and you’re checking your pets for any ticks that might be lingering in the yard is important. Ticks carry Lyme disease and this affects your bodies nervous system.
  2. Property Damage-various pests like termites can do major damage to your property. The wood buildings on your property can quickly become unstable due to termites. In addition, you could have major yard damage due to pests like moles. Moles are chasing food underground and create unstable tunnels as they eat root systems and search for insects to consume. Rodents can cause home damage like chewing holes in ductwork, walls, and even damaging cars.
  3. Food Safety-pests can affect the way your crops grow. Whether you have a garden or a larger farm, you will want to protect your food. In addition, keeping the food in your pantry safe and free from pests is important for keeping your health in check. No one wants to eat bugs with their dinner.
  4. Stress-discovering various pests in your home on a regular basis can be frustrating. This causes you stress of trying to eradicate a pest that likely cannot be eradicated.
  5. Home defense-taking care of pests on your own is a great preventative maintenance method. However, you need additional pest control assistance from professionals to ensure maintenance of your health and safety.

What The Environmental Protection Agency Says

Fortunately, the United States has a dedicated agency that serves to protect the environment and all that occupies it. The EPA works in conjunction with the United States Department of Health and the United States Department of Agriculture. Together, these agencies have put out a list of significant public health pests.

These dangerous pests are mostly controlled by pest control professionals. These public health pests must be controlled, as they are capable of spreading various diseases such as salmonellosis, hantavirus, Lyme disease, encephalitis, and the West Nile virus. Lastly, all of these are fatal diseases and must be kept at bay with proper pest control.

How Much Pest Control Costs

Location and type of pest control service will determine the cost of your pest control. Most basic household pest control services cost $69-$89 bi-monthly with a higher initial charge upwards of $150 to $300 on the first visit. Keep in mind that infestations from rodents, roaches, or fleas can cost a lot more. You can discuss your options with the professional when they come out to the home.

Other Recommended Maintenance

One area that you will want to explore is the HVAC unit. Make sure that it is not leaking water as the water outside the HVAC unit can puddle up in your yard and allow mosquitos to lay eggs. The air handler inside can also leak and allow bugs to be attracted to the water source. Lastly, complete semi-annual maintenance to make sure all is well.

While you are out checking on your HVAC unit, you will want to evaluate your land grading as well. Making sure there is a slope away from your foundation is always a good idea. Proper landscaping is vital to keeping bugs away from your home’s foundation.

After you have understood why pest control is important, you might want to explore how often pest control should be done.

Outdoor pest control
Outdoor pest control

When Do I Call A Professional

When purchasing a home, homeowners can often transfer various pest control services as part of the sale of the home. Termite treatments and some basic pest control needs can often be assumed by the new homeowner.

Understanding what has been done to the home is important so that you know what still needs to be done or continued. You can call your local home services company to give you an estimate of what’s needed to maintain your pest control services.


Preventative maintenance of pest control is vital to the overall health and safety of our communities. We can never eradicate all of the pests in the world, however, we can control where they decide to create their homes, reproduce and what they eat.

Creating a barrier with pesticides can ensure your home is protected. This in turn creates a haven for your family’s health so to get the best recommendations for the various pest treatments, you will want to call Honor Services Inspection company. Honor Services will be able to determine if you need basic pest service or termite control in Brevard County, FL.

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