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How To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage?

By January 21, 2023Pest control
Birds in a garage is not the easiest removal. Be sure to call on your local pest control company.

Imagine coming home from running errands and you leave the garage door open as you bring your packages into the home. As you are putting away your packages the door sits wide open. At this point, a bird has flown into your garage and decided to hang for a while. You go out and close the garage door as you don’t notice the bird. The next day you come out and see a bird flying around your closed garage. What do you do? How to get a bird out of your garage? Identify the bird and attempt to relocate the bird. Call your local pest control company.

Let’s take a look below at how we can safely remove a bird from our garage.

Why Do They Go For The Garage?

When it comes to birds being attracted to your garage, think of the obvious. Food and shelter are the two main reasons why a bird would seek refuge in your garage. Additionally, birds like woodpeckers like to peck on the wood outside of your garage and may end up flying into the garage to seek shelter. Sparrows, songbirds, hummingbirds, and bluebirds are attracted to the light on the other side of the window in the garage. So, they will fly into the garage thinking they can fly out through a window or crack in the garage.

Keeping your garage door close will ensure you keep birds out of your garage.

What Are My Removal Options?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of options with regard to removing birds from your garage. Unfortunately, there are a lot of options because there is no clear-cut guarantee. Let’s take a look below at what our options are.

  • Create a new opening – Simply open the garage door or windows and wait for the bird to fly out. if the bird is injured you might consider helping it out. Natural light will attract the bird outside of your garage so be sure to kep the lights out when you open the garage door.
  • Trap and Catch – If you feel adventurous you could attempt to trap the bird. First, make the bird feel comfortable by keeping the lights off and closing all entry points. The darkness in the garage will reduce the birds’ stress and keep them calm. This puts the bird into relaxed mode. Use a fishing net, basket, or even your hands to trap the bird. Once you have secured the bird, take it outside and release it into the open.
  • Reduce the desire to fly into the garage – Painting the garage will keep various bird species away from the garage. You can paint the garage door with a picture of a cat, dog, or even owl to keep the smaller birds away.
  • Remove the nest – If for some reason the bird has already made its way into your garage and built a nest, you will need to remove the nest. Relocate the nest and any bird eggs that are in the nest. This will encourage the bird to leave the garage and seek out its nest and eggs.
  • Feed the birds outside – Set up a bird feeder outside of the garage to encourage the bird to fly out of the garage to eat. The moment that the bird has flown out of the garage close the garage door and relocate any nest that may have been created and left behind.
  • Lure out with bright colors – Birds love bright colors. Red, blue, pink, and orange are sure to attract the birds outside of your garage. Create some bright-colored boards and place them outside of the garage in your yard. The birds will surely be attracted to the boards and fly to them. Once the bird has left you can close the garage door and windows to keep the birds out.
  • Bird repellent – Consider making a bird repellent spray from your home or purchase one from your local hardware store. Spray the area around the bird to give it time to react and fly out. Never spray the repellent directly at the bird.
  • Use a rake – Extend a rake out towards the bird like you’re offering it food. Wait patiently for the bird to hop onto the rake. Then slowly carry the rake and bird to the outside of the garage. If the bird does not take the bait, feel free to use some birdseed to entice it to jump on for the ride.
  • Cover all openings – If you don’t want birds flying into your garage, keep all windows and your garage door closed at all times. Note the nesting seasons for birds so that you can ensure you are closing your doors and windows in a timely manner. This eliminates all chances a bird will want to fly into your garage.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most homeowners are not keen on removing birds or birds’ nests from their garages. In this case, you will want to reach out to a professional pest control company. The national average to have a bird’s nest removed from your garage can range from $350 to $650 depending on what is involved. In most cases, the initial charge is $500 to provide cleanup and relocation of any bird and bird’s nest.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you know how to remove a bird from your garage it might be a good idea to also learn how to remove a bird from your attic. This is another space that birds like to access for shelter. Ideally, keeping all access points closed is always your best bet.

Next, while you have dealt with the birds, this might be a good time to reinvest in pest control. There are so many insects and rodents that would love to access your home. Keeping them away is vital to maintaining your investment. Be sure to read up on why you need pest control.

Lastly, if you are getting birds flying into your garage it is possible that other creatures are lurking. For example, mice love to get into a home in the summer months. Just like birds, they are looking for food and shelter.

Keep all birds out of your home by ensuring all openings are closed.

When Do I Call A Professional?

Anytime that you are dealing with birds it can be a tricky task. Especially when it comes to relocating a creature that can fly. Getting a bird out of your garage is not the easiest task, however, there are options as listed above. Ensure that entry points are closed and reach out to your local pest control team. Additionally, they can come in and assess the situation and help you successfully relocate the bird or birds.


Having a bird fly into your garage can be a concern. Also. no homeowner wants to deal with the potential mess that a bird could cause. In this case, it becomes a huge nuisance to you and your family. Reach out to your local reputable pest control company to have the bird relocated. Reach out to Honor Services and we will gladly assist you with your pest control needs while conducting a thorough home inspection in Melbourne, FL, and surrounding areas.

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