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How To Get Rid Of Dead Mouse Smell

By November 22, 2021Pest control
Mouse in the wall

After coming home from grocery shopping you enter your home and begin to detect a foul odor. Immediately, you think, what did I throw into the trash can that could stink so badly? You get to the trash can and take a sniff and absolutely nothing. Now you are wondering what the heck could be making the home smell so bad?

Realizing that you recently put some traps out for a possible mice infestation you determine that one must be dead in the walls. How to get rid of a dead mouse smell? First, dispose of the dead mouse, clean and disinfect, air out your home, and then call a pest service.

Let’s take a look below at how to follow these steps and see what can be done.

The smell in the home
The smell in the home

What Is The Actual Smell

Any dead organism would smell awful if it were trapped in your home or your air duct system. In fact, dead mouse smell is a mix of sulfur dioxides, methane, and other noxious gases that are released when the tissue begins to decompose. If you can locate the dead mouse and get rid of it quickly, that is the start to your refreshing of the scent of the home.

What To Use To Clean

Luckily for the homeowner, multiple household products can be used to help get rid of the dead mouse smell. Let’s take a look below at the varieties available to all homeowners.

First, wearing gloves, remove the decomposed body of the rodent (mice and rats) and place it into two plastic bags.

Then, you can begin applying one of the chosen solutions below to spray around the affected area where the rodent was found. This greatly enhances the removal of the foul dead rodent smells from your home. Be sure to wash your hands after this process.

Baking Soda

Household kitchen ingredients are great for removing such a foul scent. Mixing baking soda with water and placing the solution into a spray bottle that you can spray the area where the dead rodent was found is your best bet.


Vinegar acts as a natural deodorizer. It also can absorb the smell of the dead rodent, much like how vinegar can attract gnats in your home. Placing a variety of cups with vinegar around the home can help. Once you are satisfied that it has worked, you can air out your home and refresh the place.


Using natural charcoal briquettes will eliminate the foul odor. The carbon in the charcoal will pull the foul odor out of the air and trap it in the coal briquette.

Commercial Disinfectant

Cleaning hardwood floors require a different product than if you are cleaning ceramic tile. In this case, choosing the correct product is important. Read all labels on your commercial product before using it on your floors and your walls. 


Bleach will eradicate any bacteria and clean the contaminated area. Mixing ten parts of water with one part bleach and wiping the area where the dead rodent was found is all you need.

Bad smell signs
Bad smell signs

How Much Does It Cost

Calling on a professional pest control service to come in and remove the dead mouse and get rid of the smell can range in price. Depending on where you live can determine the cost range. On average you are looking at $150 to $250 for a professional service to come out and handle the dead mice and their smell.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you understand how to remove the smell of a dead mouse from your home, you should also note how often pest control should be done. Also, a good pest control company can help with rodent exclusion as this will allow you to keep mice and rodents from ever getting into or near your home.

Since we are on the topic of rodents. You might ask yourself are moles good for your yard? Checking into this topic allows you to keep the necessary bugs or food sources that moles desire from entering your yard.

Finally, water is a major source for attracting insects and rodents. Keeping water away from your home is very important to maintaining proper pest control. Make sure to keep your landscaping set up properly so that water will flow away from your home.

Dead mouse and homeowner
Dead mouse and homeowner

When Do I Call A Professional

The best way to get rid of dead mouse smells from your home is by not having dead mice to begin with. Calling a quality pest control company such as Honor Services can help ensure that you will never experience a dead rodent smell in your home. Should you happen to have an infestation of mice and they are stinking up your home, It is always best to call a local professional. Honor services are happy to help.


No one wants to smell scents of dead pests in their home. It is difficult to remove such smells and very frustrating to deal with. Also, you can guarantee that calling on your local pest control service is a must. Additionally, preventative maintenance of pest control is vital to ensuring that no pests die in your home or walls of your home.

Conducting preventative maintenance by creating a barrier with pesticides can ensure your home is protected. Your family’s health is important, so to get the best recommendations for pest smell removal call Honor Services Inspection company. Honor Services will be able to determine your pest control needs in Brevard County, FL.

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