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Florida Insurance forms, Wind Mitigation 1802, Four-point, Roof Certification and Florida 13645 Wood destroying organism(WDO) Forms

John Shishilla


  • John,
    I would like obtain your new 4P & WM fillable forms. Something has happened with the in then photo sections of each of the forms you created years ago for me. When filling in the caption under each photo it will eventually crash on me having to retype the captions. I have been working with the people at Readlle who created my PDF Expert aap and they have yet to comme up with a solution to fix the issue. I do not have that problem with the blank photo pages you created for me. Maybe your new forms will do the trick for me and eliminate the issues I now have. Please let me know what you need from me, the costs etc. Thanks!

    • John Shishilla says:

      Hi, Bob I am not sure why you would have had an issue with the older style forms. Try smaller images making the image files too large can make issues for some computers. You can order the forms from the “Shop” button at the top left of our website. There is a form to fill-out so I get all of the information to include in your form set. Email that an I’ll put together your insurance fomrs.

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