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What should you look for in a home inspector.

Buying a home or looking for a home inspection?

There are many aspects of a home inspector you should inquire about before making a purchase. It could depend on your needs as a homeowner or buyer, however, what you may not know is the home inspection industry has basic licensing in Florida that is the only requirement to set up shop (besides insurance). Therefore, doing your own research is vital in searching for a quality home inspector rather than just relying on the words of others. Besides, buying a home is one of the biggest investments of your life!


Here is our step by step guide to find the inspector that is right for you:


  1. Make a list of the five most reviewed/highly reviewed on Google.

    1. Google is perhaps the greatest asset in finding a reputable company in any industry. Nowadays, if an entity is not on the internet, does it even exist? (No.) The purpose of this first step is to make a list of home inspectors that are reputable since they most likely have done the most business. Not to mention, you get to see what other people are saying about the company. Using your list, let’s go to step 2.
  2. Visit each website and call to ask questions.

    1. Most company information, such as how long they have been in business, what licensing they have, and authority in the industry are all listed on their website. This is valuable information to ensure they are: 1. Licensed. 2. Experienced. 3. Involved in industry organizations. 4. Have unique identifying characteristics.
    2. After finding this information for each home inspection company, you should consider calling your top 2-3 to find out pricing and why they are a great company. Ask hard questions like: What sets you apart from other inspectors? Do you use thermal imaging? May I have a sample report?
  3. Ask your realtor for their suggestions.

    1. Realtors know the area and usually have worked with many inspection companies over their career. Take into account their experience.
  4. Decide.

    1. After conducting your own research and asking for recommendations from your realtor, you are ready to decide!


We hope this guide helps you find the a great inspector to look at your future home! If you have specific questions, email or comment below! 🙂


Michelle Shishilla

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