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How to get rid of mosquitoes

Looking to get rid of mosquitoes so you can finally enjoy the outdoors? We have the latest technology in mosquito control that is just hitting the market!

Watch this video from In2Care first… so you can see how it works.

How it works: In2Care Mosquito Trap

After watching the video, you should understand how revolutionizing this mosquito fungicide is. It’s safe for pets, humans, butterflies, bees, and specifically targets female mosquitos to cease the reproductive process!

How do you start and what do we do?

Depending on your yard size, we will implement the traps in shady areas. Our technician will also complete an initial spray if necessary to knock down the mosquito population. This is so you see an immediate difference as the traps take about 10 days for the process to become effective.

Every month thereafter, we will replenish the traps with fresh fungicide and you will finally be able to enjoy your backyard area!

You can read more information about our traps here.

Contact us immediately to get on our schedule!

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What is a WDO inspection

Wood Destroying Organism Inspection, otherwise known as, the Termite Inspection.

What what is it?

The WDO/termite inspection is a visual inspection for wood destroying organisms which includes: termites, certain “wood boring” beetles, and wood decay fungi.

Pretty much everyone is aware of termites, but in Florida, we include all types of organisms that “eat” wood.

Wood Decay Fungi is basically the white fungus that is on rotten wood. So this when you have a significant roof leak.

How is the inspection performed?

A WDO inspector will walk the exterior of your home, tap onto soffits to check for termite droppings, walk the interior of your home, tap on baseboards, evaluate all wood components, and also climb through the attic.

The inspector is looking for termite droppings, mud tubes created by subterranean termites, decayed wood, exit holes, and galleries.

Should you get a WDO or termite inspection?

Yes. All Florida homes should complete a WDO inspection yearly, even homes made out of concrete block. Concrete homes have wood framing, trim, and decor. Not to mention, termites have been found eating drywall due to its cellulose components.

It is vital to keep up with regular home inspections in order to maintain your home properly. Just like with your teeth, if you do not maintain them, it can cause serious damage overtime.

Do you have questions about WDO’s? Contact us here.

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Should you have your home tested for Radon?

The United States Environmental and Protection Agency (EPA) recommends every home be tested for Radon during the purchase process.

Radon gas is a non-detectable, odorless, colorless, deadly gas that is the second-leading cause of lung cancer behind cigarettes. It is vital to complete prevention inspections/testing to ensure you and your family is safe.

Here are a few quick facts from the EPA about Radon:

Radon is a naturally occurring gas from the breakdown of Earth. It can seep through the soil into your home and become trapped causing an unsafe elevated level of this gas.

Nearly one out of fifteen homes is estimated to have unsafe levels of radon.

Testing using expensive equipment from a trained professional is the only way to find out if your home contains elevated radon levels. If your home does have a higher radon level, there are ways to remediate to ensure safety.

You can check out more information about radon gas directly from the EPA here.

If you have questions about Radon, you can contact our office directly here.

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